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Tsohost Complex Hosting is a solution designed by a systems engineer around your exact requirements, to provide the ultimate in reliability, performance and service. Whether you need 100% uptime with fail-over, a secure solution for taking card payments or cutting edge application environments, our experienced technicians are always happy to help and are available 24/7/365. Our typical IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) customer spends between £500 and £15,000 per month on a business critical solution, usually involving one or more dedicated servers.

As your infrastructure requirements become more advanced, a Complex Hosting solution presents improved performance, reliability and value for money over an out of the box alternative. Our starting point for any prospective customer is to establish the best technical solution for the website or application to be hosted, rather than to provide a solution that may be overcomplicated, overpriced or unsuited. Our greatest pride, and our greatest strength, is that we judge our success by technical proficiency (uptime, speed, resolutions...) rather than by purely financial means.

At Tsohost we have a standalone Complex Hosting department, composed of senior systems administrators, and dedicated account managers. Support and management is isolated from our shared hosting division; you can get through to a very advanced sysadmin immediately, and always. Our expertise in different technologies is so highly prized that Complex Hosting customers, among them many household names, trust us implicitly to run, scale and optimise their sites and applications.

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Complex Hosting Features

UK Dedicated Account Manager & Team

Every Complex Hosting customer has a dedicated account manager familiar with their environment and needs. We see ourselves as an extension of your in house IT team, and therefore want to understand completely the needs of your site. Should you expect a traffic burst or roll out a change, we are with you every step of the way.

Industry Leading SLAs

We provide compensation should you experience any issues with power, network or hardware. Depending on your requirements we can also provide custom service level agreements on application performance, software uptime, provisioning etc. Please contact an account manager for details.

Direct Technical Contact

If you call up we aim to put you straight on the phone with an engineer who can not only fix the issue, but is already familiar with your application. Quite possibly the same engineer who designed your environment.

24/7 Management & Proactive Monitoring

Our systems team monitor your services 24/7/365, using a variety of methods custom to each application. Should you experience any problems, we will know before you, and probably have fixed it already.

Security Protection

Protect your site against malicious traffic, by filtering the traffic using intelligent denial of service protection (DDos Protection). We can also offer a range of firewalls (software, shared and dedicated) in order to protect your site from brute force attacks. Even through the design of your system we can secure data, for example card data as required under PCI-DSS legislation, by keeping it on a locked out private network.

Load Balancing

Horizontally scale your application in order to protect against hardware failure and maintain speed and uptime while getting busier. One common solution is a private cloud, which consists of at least three dedicated, or Virtual Private Servers. In it's most basic iteration, a database server sits on a private network, and two web servers with identical content connect to it. Load balancing can either be done with a hardware load balancer, though two are needed in order to avoid a single point of failure, or we can take advantage of much simpler DNS load balancing. Such an envionment not only provides redundancy and reliability, but also a starting point from which to scale in the future.

Sample Solutions

Private Cloud for Load Balancing - £799/mo

To enhance reliability and performance a private cloud can be created with multiple web servers. The simplest example of this uses one back-end database server with multiple front-end web servers. We can then load balance the website over the two web servers, and if one goes down then the website still remains live. This solution uses two Dell R320s for the web servers, and a third for the database server. Total RAM is 48GB and you have the option of 300GB usable website space on premium SAS drives, or 3TB usable space on SATA drives.

Private Cloud for E-Commerce - £825/mo

With an established and successful online shop there are a number of priorities you should account for when designing your custom hosting solution:

  • Security because of the customer data you hold.
  • Speed to ensure customers stay engaged and on your site.
  • Reliability because a five minute loss of database could be disastrous.

In consideration of these priorities, we have engineered the following solution. Two DS1 (Dell R320) servers - one for the website and another for the database, the latter being restricted from public view. We will set these up to help you pass PCI compliance specifications and can advise you on your software design as well. Finally, a Juniper SRX Firewall sits in front of everything to heavily restrict access.

Complex Private Cloud - £2499/mo

For large businesses we recommend this, a solution that handles a lot more:

As with the load balanced example, two servers are used as web servers, but this time powerful Dell R620s with 64GB of RAM and dual hex-core CPUs. Two additional dedicated servers are used to host the databases, one as a failover (in read-only) with a real time copy of the live database data. Further still, one small dedicated server is used to host company emails. A Juniper SRX Hardware Firewall then sits in front of everything, protecting the servers from attack by heavily restricting access.

This solution, as with all the others, is of course fully managed by Tsohost, monitored 24/7 and backed up offsite to a separate data centre in the UK.

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