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tsoHost Reviews

At tsoHost delivering unparalleled customer support is part of our calling. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Scroll through the reviews below to see how our customers feel about us. Some are so nice, they made us blush.
9.4 out of 10 rating based on 2837 customer reviews.
Jul 17, 2018

@tsohost thanks for supporting @BritishTech we be lost without you

@mullerBiker arrow_forward
Jul 16, 2018
Colin McDermott

@tsohost Cheers!

@colinmcdermott arrow_forward
Jun 24, 2018

Email support is super quick, telephone support is great if needed- which it often isn't. Up time is as advertised and the price is fantastic! arrow_forward
Jun 22, 2018

Just perfect. arrow_forward
Jun 21, 2018

TSO Host has been a tremendous asset to our company. After less-than-stellar results using other top-tier hosting companies, we've settled on TSO …read on arrow_forward
Jun 08, 2018

Great hosting service. Used to be on a slow as heck server, but have seen both pageload times and sales go up since switching over to TWOHost. arrow_forward
Jun 08, 2018

We love the service TSOhost provides, great up time and customer service are lightning fast for any questions. We'll be using this hosting for al …read on arrow_forward
Jun 08, 2018

First time building a site and TSO have been an absolute dream. Like most first time developers you will hit some obstacles and from our end we'v …read on arrow_forward
Jun 04, 2018

TSO is the best option to host any kind of website, We have hosted around 7 websites & They are doing really well. Thanks to the TSO team. arrow_forward
May 13, 2018

Excellent service. I have had two different hosting experiences with TSO host now and they have been very good value for money for cheap hosting. …read on arrow_forward
Apr 25, 2018

I have started hosting my site at Tsohost. Any technical issues have been handled promptly by the staff. Very happy with the service. arrow_forward
Apr 11, 2018

Best support by far... Matters are resolved in a matter of minutes. arrow_forward
Apr 04, 2018

We have used TSO to host our website for 1 year. TSO has bee great through and through, providing hosting for our kitchen sheffield websites. arrow_forward
Mar 18, 2018

Issues are sorted out crazy fast and when there is visitors waiting to get onto your website you need this kind of support. We wouldn't be where …read on arrow_forward
Mar 01, 2018

Amazing service, they have managed to keep our school website online during a large increase in traffic due to the weather. Could not be more hap …read on arrow_forward
Feb 27, 2018
Scott Duffey

All back up and running on the email front. Thanks to @tsohost for the support.

@scott_duffey arrow_forward
Feb 25, 2018

Incredible service, most shared hosts are slow and shoddy. Not this one, performs just like a Dedicated Server. arrow_forward
Feb 21, 2018

Incredible support, perfect for any sized business. arrow_forward
Feb 21, 2018
Jemmett Fox Media

Another good day of live chat support on @tsohost - thank you for that, and also the Twitter support!

@Jemmettfoxmedia arrow_forward
Feb 10, 2018

We've been hosting with TSO since we started in 2012, and also at my previous company. In all that time they've been super responsive, with great …read on arrow_forward
Feb 07, 2018

I wouldn't used anyone else to host my drone enthusiast blog. Been there, done that, and Tsohost beats them all by a mile. If you want high quali …read on arrow_forward
Feb 06, 2018

I've been running Small World Systems for about 14 years now. Building sites for a range of customers using Microsoft or Open Source platforms. …read on arrow_forward
Jan 29, 2018

Excellent service all round, the hosting is super quick and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for hosting. Customer service is …read on arrow_forward