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tsoHost Reviews

At tsoHost delivering unparalleled customer support is part of our calling. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Scroll through the reviews below to see how our customers feel about us. Some are so nice, they made us blush.
9.3 out of 10 rating based on 2609 customer reviews.
Jul 14, 2006

down time? what's that? arrow_forward
Feb 24, 2006

Excellent host - have never had any trouble with my hosting service. Any questions I have are answered very quickly on the support forums. Bravo …read on

Feb 08, 2006

My 1st web host, but everything has been very good so far. Prices seem cheap, my couple of support issues were answered very quickly and has a go …read on

Jan 15, 2006

Top notch web hosting from a top notch company. True british web hosting. As it should be.

Dec 12, 2005

Very reliable. Cheap. Good interface (C-panel) Nothing else to add really!

Nov 17, 2005

Been with Tsohost for about a year now - brilliant service. Support is bang on - had a few queries about my ftp not working and a messed up dns, …read on

Oct 11, 2005

If Carlsberg did webhosting, this would be it. Possbily the best Customer service ever.

Jul 28, 2005

Excellent service and uptime, I emailed a problem, got a response as soon as possible with the matter fixed then and there. 1st class

May 25, 2005

Wooop. Had no problems with them. Been with 1 host before and I wanted something based in the UK. They provide great service. I asked them about …read on

May 23, 2005

My first time using a UK host due to cost, but Tsohost are very cheap for a UK company and so far have proven to be fantastic!

May 12, 2005

I have registered two domains with Daz, both running fine, I never had any downtime problems, it's pretty cheap and, well, it's damn good :)

May 10, 2005

Very good host. Cheap and no down time (yet).

May 10, 2005

Awesome customer service. I'm new to web design and hosting and Daz has managed to quell my fears and reassure me on a number of occasions. Tsoho …read on

May 09, 2005

I have been with a few hosts before i was reccomended Tsohost by a friend. All of my past hosts would get hacked on a regular basis, and also nev …read on

May 09, 2005

I have a reseller account with Tsohost, The speed of the sites is great. Had a bit of downtime with them, but it wasn't for long, around 5-10 min …read on

May 08, 2005

spot on - i have a reseller account with Tsohost and couldnt recommend them more. Support is top notch, as is the service they provide.

May 08, 2005

Very good value for money. I have 1 Lite account with no problems.

May 08, 2005

BIt of downtime, not the best value in the world but its a UK host. Much better than all other UK hosts ive used or know users of.

May 08, 2005

Very speedy host with great customer service at a good price. Extremely easy and fast to set up an account too. Downtime is minimal and with many …read on