SSL Certificates

Secure your website, protect sensitive user data
and maintain peace of mind with a Trustwave SSL
An SSL Certificate is a must have for any e-commerce store or website
that handles sensitive user data; especially websites dealing with credit
or debit card payments.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A signed SSL Certificate from Tsohost not only facilitates the secure connection between your site and your visitors, it also verifies your identity so that the client can be reassured that their sensitive information is safe. The user will see a 'padlock' symbol or a green 'https' in their browser, assuring them of the authenticity of your website.

Our SSL Certificates are recognised in 99% of browsers and provide up to 256-bit encryption. The certificates can be used on any Tsohost hosting package or Managed Server, and can be purchased on an annual or biannual basis.

Plans & Pricing

Standard SSL
Premium SSL
Wildcard SSL
EV Premium SSL
SecuresSingle DomainSingle DomainSingle Domain & Unlimited SubdomainsSingle Domain
Browser Padlock
Green Address Bar
Encryption Level256-bit (2048 bit-key)256-bit (2048 bit-key)256-bit (2048 bit-key)256-bit (2048 bit-key)
Site SealStandard SSL SitesealPremium SSL SitesealWildcard SSL SitesealEV Premium SSL Siteseal
Browsers Supported99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%
Mobile Device Support

Require a third-party SSL installation?

If you've already purchased an SSL Certificate elsewhere and you'd like to use it on a domain hosted with Tsohost then you're in luck. We're able to install third-party SSL Certificates for an annual fee of just £25. To instruct us on an installation please call our sales team on 01628 200 161 or click below.

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As a small design agency we rely on the expertise of our hosts and co-hosts, Tsohost have been nothing but exceptional in their field. Sales and support requests are fast and effective, they're friendly to deal with and best of all their services are supremely reliable. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tsohost- keep up the great work guys! Edward Leake Managing Director - Mega Mind Media Ltd

SSL Certificate FAQs

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate verifies a websites identity and enables an encrypted and secure connection between your website and your visitor’s web browser. 99.9% of web browsers recognise SSL Certificates, and will display a ‘padlock’ symbol or green ‘https’ in the browser address bar, assuring visitors of the authenticity of your website.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a must have for e-commerce stores or websites that handle sensitive user data, especially those dealing with credit or debit payments. An SSL Certificate verifies your identity reassuring visitors that their personal data is safe in your hands.

Why is Authentication and Validation so Important?

A signed SSL Certificate importantly demonstrates to visitors that your site can be trusted - sensitive information, such as bank details, can be exchanged with confidence.

Are SSL’s automatically recognised by all browsers?

Our Trustwave SSL Certificates are recognised by 99.9% of browsers.

What domain names can I use an SSL for?

You can use our Trustwave SSL Certificates on any domains that you manage through us.

Can I install a third party SSL?

Yes, if you have purchased an an SSL Certificate elsewhere and you’d like to use it on a domain hosted with us, then we are able to install it for you, at an annual fee of N/A. To instruct us on an installation, please call our customer support team on 01628 200 161.

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