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ExpressionEngine (EE) is an advanced PHP/MySQL content management system favoured by many designers and developers. In contrast to applications like WordPress, ExpressionEngine gives you a barebone backend structure to build your site around - separating the content from structure and design. We ourselves use a heavily customised EE setup to publish, manage and serve our own website.

As you might expect, we host our own site on an optimised and secure environment. What you see in your browser is a Varnish Cache of our website, running on a Virtual Server. The actual site and database sit on separate servers that are not accessible through the world wide web - just via our backend network and from Varnish. Everything then sits behind a Juniper SRX firewall for added security.

This is a pretty extreme example of what we can do for ExpressionEngine, but there are many different ways that we can cater for your site, depending on your needs and budget. These range from out-of-the-box Cloud Web Hosting setups (suitable for 90% of EE sites), through to your own Cloud Server for traffic heavy or rich-media sites. We can even design you a Complex Hosting Solution if other options do not suffice.

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Plans & Pricing

Standard Cloud Hosting

Our popular Cloud Web Hosting runs thousands of ExpressionEngine installs. Able to handle sudden bursts in traffic, and infinitely scalable to grow with your site, this is the ultimate in shared web hosting.

Managed Large VPS

Choosing a Virtual Server allows us to increase the speed and performance of your website. Due to its isolated nature, we can also do things that are not possible on shared hosting, including running PHP as DSO (a vulnerability on shared hosting), enabling caching (avoiding the need to dynamically generate content for each user) and locking down system access to your specific IP address - an additional security layer.

Complex Hosting

In cases where a more advanced hosting setup is required, due to factors such as site complexity, site security or future scalability, we can help you put together a solution that fits your budget and needs. Our in house technicians are able to offer expert and honest advice on the best solution to meet your requirements.

Free Domain
2.5GB Web Space
20GB Bandwidth
4 Hosted Website(s)
4 Free Migrations
2x Xeon Cores CPU
40GB SSD Storage
800GB Bandwidth
Free Migrations
Dedicated account manager
Ongoing platform audit
24/7 Priority monitoring
Fully managed bespoke solution
24/7 technical support
Direct technical contact
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