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Publish beautiful content using the Ghost blogging platform

Ghost is a revolutionary open source blogging platform with an emphasis on publishing. Designed as an alternative to feature packed content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla, Ghost is really, really good at one thing: blogging.

Ghost runs on the Node.js platform, and is gaining impressive traction online thanks to its niche focus and enthusiastic development team.

We have been offering Node.js on our Dedicated Servers for some time, however we have now developed a bespoke managed Ghost hosting platform. Based on our Cloud Hosting product, but with dedicated Ghost infrastructure, we are able to run Ghost efficiently and reliably.

All Ghost plans feature instant setup, meaning you can be publishing your content in just a matter of minutes!

Ghost has many great benefits over traditional blogging platforms

  • Write in **Markdown**

    Ghost uses the Markdown interface for authoring posts. This utilises keyboard shortcuts for links, images & formatting. You can even add placeholders for images for you to come back to later.

  • Preview as you type

    Simultaneously blog and preview. As you write in Markdown, see how your post will appear at the same time. When you are happy just click 'Publish' and your post is live.

  • Customise & template

    We bundle a handful of free themes, but you can also upload custom themes and plugins from the Ghost marketplace. Once done apply them using our suite of dedicated Ghost tools.

  • Publish on the go

    With a fully responsive dashboard you can draft and publish posts on the go, using whatever device takes your fancy.

Ghost - Compose posts in markdown

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Compose posts in Markdown for easy editing

Markdown is an intelligent way of writing content. You format text inline using text, rather than any tags or graphic interface. For example, you can use ** to make text bold, backticks to format as code, or square brackets to set a hyperlink.

The benefit of this is you can write and format in one constant stream, with no messy interruptions.

Ghost - Blogging Platform

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Straightforward content management

Your dashboard shows a list of your posts in order of creation, with a status of Draft or Published. You can click a post in the left column and it displays on the right. To edit you just click the Edit icon. To add a new post you just click New Post.

It could not be simpler.

Tsohost Cloud Platform - Backups

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Daily backups

We back up your files daily and store the data for thirty days. This means that if you make a mistake you can use our automatic backup restore tools to roll back. Ghost runs on the same infrastructure as our fantastic Cloud Hosting packages.

Tsohost Cloud Platform - Emails

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Emails included

We include email accounts with all Ghost hosting. You can create up to 25 email accounts, or forward emails elsewhere. Alternatively, you have full control to point your MX (Mail Exchanger) records to another email provider.

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Ghost FAQs

What is Ghost?

Ghost is an open source blogging platform that focuses on one thing - publishing. It has an easy to use interface that provides you with all the tools needed to create and publish a beautiful blog.

Why do I have to pay for Ghost, it's open-source?

Ghost itself is free to use, however it's built using Node.js - a relatively new programming language. In the past, to run Node.js you would need a VDS or Dedicated Server. To cater for this popular application we've built a bespoke and more affordable hosting solution that supports node.js and Ghost.

Why can't I use Ghost on my standard web hosting package?

You can, Ghost is available as an add on to all Cloud Web Hosting packages for an extra £2.99/pm. If you would like to install Ghost on your current hosting package, please contact our support team.

Do I have to install Ghost myself?

No, we've done all the hard work - our Ghost Blog Hosting package comes with Ghost pre-installed.

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