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Magento Security Patch Released - Install Now

Magento has released a security patch that addresses 4 security issues that have been brought to light through their comprehensive security program. We highly recommended that you install the necessary security patch as soon as possible in order to p…

Posted Wednesday 05th August, 2015 by Aliysa

Optimse Your Magento Site For the Christmas Rush

Online shopping is changing: shoppers increasingly expect their experience to be smooth and enjoyable. Therefore, if you're using an ecommerce application like Magento, it's crucial to make sure that it's fully optimised, especially with the Chris…

Posted Tuesday 04th November, 2014 by Aliysa

SMBs: Are You Collecting Reviews? You Should Be

Have you ever checked reviews for a company, product or service before? Yes? Thought so. Reviews should not be seen as a threat by businesses, reviews should be seen as an opportunity - and here’s why.

Posted Wednesday 16th April, 2014 by Aliysa

19 Tips For E-commerce Success

In the past we've posted tips to build trust in e-commerce sites; here are 19 more tips and techniques that are proven to improve e-commerce store conversions and overall profitability.

Posted Thursday 20th March, 2014 by Aliysa

7 Ways To Speed Up Your Magento Site

Running a successful Magento site often involves striking a healthy balance between cost and performance. With an ongoing list of features Magento is a resource intensive application that is designed to best perform in a dedicated hosting environm…

Posted Thursday 21st November, 2013 by Aliysa

How To Make Money From Your WordPress Blog

Creating and maintaining a high quality blog requires a substantial amount of time, effort and sometimes even money, so why not earn some cash back for all your hard work? If you have a great blog that receives a generous stream of traffic, it’s p…

Posted Wednesday 30th October, 2013 by Aliysa

5 Tips To Effectively Build Trust In E-Commerce Sites

Building trust in B2C and B2B e-commerce websites is of the utmost importance if you wish to grow and sustain a successful consumer base for your online business. With fraud, identity theft and cybercrime on the rise, it has never been more important…

Posted Tuesday 23rd October, 2012 by Chris