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Plesk Windows Hosting

The ideal hosting solution for ASP.NET, ASP, .Net Core, and SQL users

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These specialised Windows-based hosting plans allow you to make the most of Microsoft technologies. Whether you build web apps and services using ASP.NET, use Microsoft SQL Server to manage your organisation’s data, or rely on other Microsoft stack products, these packages are the perfect match for you.

Plesk Economy


+20% VAT

1 Website

100GB Webspace

Unmetered Bandwidth

1 Professional Email

10 x 1GB
MySQL Databases

1 x 200MB
MSSQL Databases

50 FTP Users

Plesk Deluxe


+20% VAT

Unlimited Websites

Unmetered Webspace

Unmetered Bandwidth

5 Professional Emails

25 x 1GB
MySQL Databases

2 x 200MB
MSSQL Databases

50 FTP Users

Plesk Ultimate


+20% VAT

Unlimited Websites

Unmetered Webspace

Unmetered Bandwidth

10 Professional Emails

Unlimited x 1GB
MySQL Databases

Unlimited x 200MB
MSSQL Databases

50 FTP Users

All prices exclude VAT at 20%

In addition to Plesk Windows Hosting, we offer Linux web hosting plans.

Plesk Windows Hosting features


Harness the power of Windows Server 2012 R2 to ensure your websites and apps run at their best.

Plesk control paneldone

This intuitive control panel simplifies hosting admin. It makes it easier to do everything from managing databases to configuring DNS settings.

Free Professional Email Starterdone

Save money on a professional email account. These Plesk Windows Hosting plans come with an easy to set up domain-based email solution included.

50 FTP Usersdone

With these plans you’re not limited to a single FTP user. For flexibility, they allow you to create up to 50.

One-click app installsdone

Quickly install dozens of non-Microsoft apps like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to further improve the functionality of your site.

Expert supportdone

You can reach out to our expert support team via live chat between 09:00 and 17:00 and raise a ticket at any time and our team will get back to you as soon as they can.


Rely on our expert security team to diligently monitor your network. They work around the clock to look out for suspicious activity and deflect possible attacks.


Is your website secure?

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Frequently asked questions

What is Windows hosting?

Windows hosting is hosting that’s based on the Windows operating system and not the Linux operating system. It makes it easy to integrate advanced Microsoft technologies and products into websites.

Which control panel does Plesk Windows Hosting use?

These Windows Hosting plans come with the Plesk control panel, to make hosting admin easier.

Which version of Windows is used on the Plesk Windows Hosting server?

All plans utilise Windows® Server 2012 R2.

What’s the difference between Linux and Windows hosting?

Linux and Windows are different operating systems. Linux is a bit more flexible. When you buy a hosting plan based on Linux you can integrate all sorts of technologies into your sites. Windows hosting, meanwhile, is …read onoptimised for the use of Microsoft products like ASP.Net, MSSQL, C# and MS Access.

I have a Windows PC or laptop, does this mean Windows hosting is for me?

Not necessarily. Windows hosting is designed for people with experience of more advanced Microsoft products. It tends to be used by developers and designers who favour technologies like ASP.Net, MSSQL, C# and MS Access. …read onIf you’re looking for a basic entry level web hosting product and you don’t rely on these sorts of products, you might want to consider WordPress Hosting or Web Hosting instead.


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