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All about our UK data centre and network

Paramount performance, robust reliability and staunch security are the least you can expect from our privately-owned Tier 3+ 2N UK data centre.

Located in the same place as our UK head office, our data centre is the queen bee at the heart of our hive of team members.

If you’re interested in the tech spec, it features three 40-rack pods. Each of these is home to 34 servers, as well as two switching and four patching racks.

We’ve also got a bespoke 150-metre dark fibre network ring that directly connects our data centre to the wider internet, and our own multi-homed Border Gateway Protocol network, which provides unrivalled connectivity to multiple Tier 1 upstream providers.

Not so au fait with the computer science side of things? What this all boils down to is the fact that our data centre can respond quickly and efficiently should any worst-case scenarios arise. Essentially, it’s designed to not let you down.

Introducing our super power

You don’t have to worry about power outages with us. Thanks to our 2N power management set-up and our backup generators, 50 per cent of our facility could fail and our services would continue.

Tailored firefighting

In the unlikely event of a fire in our data centre, our INERGEN fire suppression system will kick into action. Deeply effective, it’s been specially designed for use in data centre environments. It won’t damage hardware or infrastructure when it’s deployed. Plus, it doesn’t create toxins that are harmful to humans or the environment.

Steely security

A three-metre-tall perimeter fence, more than 25 CCTV cameras, electronic access control systems and 24/7 personnel are all part of our security arsenal.

Cooling infrastructure

We use the latest cold aisle containment technology to regulate the temperature and humidity around our servers. Cool air is delivered to the ‘cold aisle’ through raised flooring. Servers then draw in the cool air and release it into a ‘hot aisle’ behind them where it is then recycled.

Our efficiency ethic

Our data centre is powered by renewable energy, generated from hydroelectric and wind sources. Efficiency is important to us and we’re working towards one-upping our own levels every day.