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Worldwide datacentres

Global datacentres, UK HQ

We give you a choice of data centres at tsoHost. For most of our products, you can pick between locations in Europe, Asia and North America.

All of the datacentres we offer are robustly reliable and use high spec tech to ensure performance doesn’t wane.

What’s more, each one is closely monitored to ensure security is as staunch as it can be.

The greener option

Multiple factors, from the location of your headquarters to the location of your client base, will influence your choice of data centre location. If green credentials are an important factor for you, then our Strasbourg DC could be the option for you.

It uses 25 per cent less energy than the average data centre and is CO2 neutral thanks to elements like cooling with clean hydropower.

Our UK headquarters

While our data centres are dotted around the world, our headquarters are in the UK. tsoHost was set up in the UK in 2004, and we’ve been supporting customers from the four corners of the globe from our UK base ever since.