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From £4.99/mo + 20% VAT

Sucuri website security

Armour for all your online activity. For that secured site peace of mind.

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Security Essential

Polices, protects and purges


+20% VAT

12-hourresponse time

Unlimited malware scan, detection, and removal

Google blacklist monitoring & removal

Malware and attack prevention with WAF

CDN performance accelerator

Backup and restore your site

Security Ultimate

The Fort Knox of cyber security


+20% VAT

6-hourresponse time

Unlimited malware scan, detection, and removal

Google blacklist monitoring & removal

Malware and attack prevention with WAF

CDN performance accelerator

Backup and restore your site

All prices exclude VAT at 20%

Security Express

Sending in the SWAT of cyber security


+20% VAT

Need emergency help against a current hack?

  • 30-minute response time
  • Unlimited malware scan, detection, and removal
  • Google blacklist monitoring & removal
  • Malware and attack prevention with WAF
  • CDN performance accelerator
  • 24/7 website monitoring

All prices exclude VAT at 20%

What’s included?

Staunch daily site scansdone

We can perform daily website security checks of all your files on a single website and scan rigorously for malware, injection attacks, brute force attacks, XXS and zero-day attacks.

Unlimited malware removaldone

Once you’ve confirmed we can start scanning your site for malware and asked us to take action against a problem, we’ll work unyieldingly to remove it.

Google blacklist monitoring and removaldone

We track the Google blacklist and alert you of any issues to prevent you losing crucial search engine ranking.

WAF and CDNdone

Available with the Deluxe package, our Web Application Firewall and Content Delivery Network add an extra layer of protection to your site and keep it loading fast.

Expert 24/7 security analystsdone

Our security specialists are available around the clock to assist you with any issues you have regarding website security.

Brand reputation monitoringdone

We work with you to safeguard the reputation of your brand by keeping track of how your website is performing.

Protection against DDoSdone

The Deluxe package includes protection against site-paralysing Distribution Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Single domain securitydone

Each Sucuri package ardently defends a single domain. If you need protection for more domains, you can purchase more bundles to buttress them, too.


Customer service with calibre

You can always rely on our highly-trained support team to have your back. You can contact them by either live chat or ticket around the clock.

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09:00 to 17:00

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Frequently asked questions

I’ve never had any security problems before, why should I bother now?

Cyber criminals don’t discriminate. You may think you’re too small to warrant attention from hackers but, in 2018, 65,000 attack attempts were made against small businesses every day. Just one malware infection can …read on affect everything from your business bank balance to your reputation. Sucuri Website Security gives you advanced protection and peace of mind around the clock.

Does Website Security come with an SSL Certificate?

We recommend having a separate SSL certificate as Website Security only encrypts data between the browser and the firewall and not between the browser and the server. With the Deluxe, Ultimate, and Express packages, you …read oncan implement an SSL certificate through the Web Application Firewall or Content Delivery Network.

Can I add Website Security to all the websites I manage?

Of course, but you’ll need to purchase an individual package for each site.

Can I resell Website Security on to my customers?

At the moment, the Website Security package is connected to the purchaser’s account and cannot be passed to your own customers. A Reseller version is in the pipeline, though.

What is a Brute Force Attack?

This occurs when a bot or application is used to churn through every possible password combination to hack into your system. Once the hackers are in, they can seriously interfere with your website.

What is a Cross-Site Scripting Attack?

Also known as an XSS attack, this occurs when an application sends user-supplied data to the web browser without validating it as coming from the site. Long story short, it gives hackers the ability to hijack customers …read onfrom you or even vandalise your site.

What is a Zero-Day Exploit?

Hackers have to be on the ball to carry out this type of attack. They occur almost as soon as a weakness with the programming language that’s been used to build your website, application or server is discovered – …read onbefore patches and fixes are available.

What do I do if my site has already been hacked?

Our Express package has been created for emergencies like this. Our experts will scan your site immediately for malware and can get to work on restoring your site to safety within 30 minutes of you requesting help for a problem.

Do I still need Website Security if I have an SSL?

Yes, SSLs only encrypt data being transmitted to and from your site. They don’t protect against malware, SQL injection attacks, or DDoS attacks.

Will Website Security work on my subdomains?

Website Security will only work on the domain you choose and all the folders below it. So, it will work on, but not

What is a DDoS Attack?

During a Distribution Denial of Service attack, a website is bombarded by automated traffic. It has the power to make an entire network collapse. The Web Application Firewall, featured in our Deluxe package, protects …read onagainst these potentially devastating attacks.

What is an SQL Injection Attack?

Essentially, these attacks are carried out to make your site do something it shouldn’t. In SQL Injection Attacks your site can be instantly rewritten.

How does the CDN help my site?

In a nutshell, a CDN leads to zippier load times for your site. In technical terms, our CDN enables dynamic and static caching for your site around the world. This means that the server will load the site from the cache …read onin your website visitor’s location instead of the cache closest to you.