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New Feature - WordPress Preview URL Switcher

Posted 30th August, 2012 by Adam

At Tsohost we're constantly looking for new ways to improve our Cloud Web Hosting service making it easier and increasingly efficient, for both novice and power users. Thanks to the introduction of our new WordPress URL switch, the time it takes to develop a new WordPress site using the preview URL has considerably improved.

A common hurdle faced by our users is deploying WordPress sites on a preview URL before pointing the primary domain. WordPress is an excellent CMS, rapidly growing in popularity, however it has a rigid concept of a site URL which is defined in the database. All of the CSS and Javascript points to that URL and, when you visit the admin panel, it automatically redirects you to what it thinks your site URL is. This is all very useful unless the primary domain still points to a legacy website or even another hosting provider entirely.

In the past we have suggested users temporarily override the WordPress site URL by editing their wp-config.php. We realised this was a tiresome process for power users and difficult for novice users who were using our auto installer to deploy the CMS. To address this issue we have created an applet for the control panel to temporarily alter the WordPress site URL, without the need to edit the database or the wp-config.php!

Cloud users can find this functionality under the 'Website Preview' section of the control pane. As always this is a new feature so please do report any bugs or difficulties that you encounter.

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