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Reasons we love WordPress

Reasons we love WordPress

Posted 26th October, 2022 by Sarah

It’s thought that there are between 1,000 and 2,000 Content Management Systems (CMSs) in the world.

So, you might think that choosing favourites would be hard.

For tsoHost, it’s not.

WordPress is by far one of our preferred CMSs. That’s why we sell nine different types of hosting packages that are tailored for WordPress users.

These packages can be used to create everything from a slick portfolio site or a blog to a multi-page website and an ecommerce store.

We even offer plans for professionals like web designers and developers, so they can create bespoke WordPress sites for their own clients.

Read on to discover just six of the reasons we rate WordPress.

1) It’s tried and tested

As of 2022, it’s thought that 43% of all the websites in the world use WordPress and that major names like TechCrunch, Microsoft News, PlayStation and The Walt Disney Company rely on it for their websites.

2) It’s user-friendly

Founded in 2003, WordPress was designed to be user-friendly from the start, and it remains that way today.

The CMS allows users to build a smart looking website without the need for much technical knowledge.

Users begin to build a site by picking a ‘theme’ aka a template, which determines the look and layout of a site.

They can then tweak this template in a multitude of ways.

The design of pages can be altered through the addition of everything from tables to image galleries.

Then the content can be amended through the insertion of words, images and other media.

WordPress websites can then be further tailored through the use of ‘plug-ins’. These easy-to-install elements can help you add everything from live chat to contact forms to your site.

3) It’s flexible

No two WordPress websites have to look the same.

There are more than 9,000 themes to choose from that can be further adapted by adding page elements and content.

On top of this, there are more than 55,000 plug-ins that can be used to further tailor your site.

4) It’s affordable

WordPress itself is free, but you need a hosting package to get a website built on the CMS live on the web.

Fortunately, WordPress hosting packages are affordable.

At tsoHost, our plans start at just £3.99 a month – that’s just slightly more than the price of latte at a big brand coffee house.

We also host regular sales that slash the price of WordPress hosting by as much as 33%.

The cost of tweaking WordPress websites is also minimal. While you can pay extra to buy premium themes, the free themes are more than suitable for building a sophisticated looking site.

Many plug-ins are free, too.

5) It’s profitable

Adding WooCommerce to WordPress allows you to build a fully functional ecommerce store.

As well as making it easy for you to display products to customers, WooCommerce lets you take secure payments and offer different shipping options to customers.

You can also tailor your site with a range of extensions relating to everything from marketing to merchandising.

At tsoHost, we offer WordPress plans that come with WooCommerce included. These packages also give you access to £4,000 of premium WooCommerce extensions, all for just £24.99 a month – or £16.99 a month in our Autumn 22 sale, which runs until 31st October 2022.

6) It’s always evolving

The team behind WordPress is constantly improving its offering.

Since it was launched in 2003, more than 550 new versions (both major and minor) have been released, with the minor updates tending to improve security and the major ones offering new functionality.

What this means is that WordPress websites rarely become outdated. As your business or project grows, so too will your site.

WordPress Hosting at tsoHost

As mentioned above, we offer nine different WordPress Hosting plans at tsoHost, falling into the following categories…

WordPress Hosting: Our Basic plan has all the resources you need to launch a simple website, while our Ultimate packages are ideal for more complex high traffic sites.

WordPress Pro Hosting: Created for designers and developers, this collection of plans comes with enough resources to build between five and 50 websites. WordPress Ecommerce Hosting: These WordPress plans come with WooCommerce and include £4,000 of free WooCommerce extensions.

6 perks of WordPress Hosting plans at tsoHost

1. Instant set up

WordPress is preinstalled on these plans so you can get straight to designing your website.

2.Free domain name

Our Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and Ecommerce plans come with a free, non-premium, domain name for the first year of the package, to lower the cost of setting up a website from scratch.

3. Free SSL certificates

Our Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and Ecommerce plans come with a free SSL certificate, to help you secure your site against cybercrime for less.

4. Daily backups

Backups are taken automatically and kept for 30 days. If you need to, you can restore either your full site or part of it in a single sweat-free click.

5. Daily security scans

To keep your site safe, we scan it for threats every day.

6. £4,000 of free Premium WooCommerce extensions on WordPress Ecommerce Hosting plans

Our WordPress Ecommerce Hosting plans give you access to 75 premium WooCommerce extensions, which allow you to add all sorts of additional functionality to your WordPress site.

There are extensions to improve your customers’ cart experience, to upsell, to enhance customer communications, to add different payment options to your site, to help you display products in more efficient ways, and to add shipping options to your site.

Ready to find out more? Visit our WordPress Hosting pages.

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