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Key dates for marketing in 2023

Key dates for marketing in 2023

Posted 12th December, 2022 by Sarah

There are several keys to a successful marketing strategy, but you’ll be off to a good start if you communicate with customers…

• Regularly

• On topics that are relevant and helpful to them

• With content that hits all four stages of the marketing funnel

Achieving all three of the above takes a little planning.

It’s important to map out well in advance the things you want to say to and show your customers, so that you can develop integrated campaigns and deliver consistent messages across all your chosen marketing channels – from emails to social media.

Customer comms can be built on a huge range of different content formats, including…

• New product launches

• Answers to common customer questions

• Opinions on topical events impacting your industry or your customers

• Insights into company culture

• Explainers

• Product showcases

• Quotes

• Case studies

• Testimonials

• Global events and awareness days

In this blog, though, we’ll home in on the latter category.

From creating themed sales and limited-edition products to sparking discussion, there are all sorts of ways you can use global events and awareness days in your marketing.

Some dates, like New Year will be useful for almost all businesses.

Other awareness days will be suitable for a subset of companies.

So here’s a round up of dates that you can cherry pick from as you plan your marketing content for the coming year…


All month – Veganuary – the 31-day challenge to try a vegan lifestyle

All month - Dry January – an opportunity for businesses to offer distractions and to encourage activities that don’t involve drinking.

17th Blue Monday – said to be the most depressing day of the year, this is an opportunity to make your customers feel better

Heart Balloon


Fab 8th Safer Internet Day – a day for tech companies in particular to help their customers protect themselves online

14th Valentine’s Day – an opportunity to launch themed products and run sales

17th Random Acts of Kindness Day – an opportunity to show your company’s sensitive side or even run a giveaway

9th - National Pizza Day – for companies who don’t sell pizzas or pizza ingredients, this could be an opportunity for a publicity stunt by coming up with an outrageous pizza topping or a non-edible take on pizza

21st Pancake Day – another chance to think outside the box for companies who don’t sell pancake ingredients. Think about the themes of the day – family, the art of pancake flipping, pancake stunts etc.

27th Fairtrade Fortnight – a celebration of all things fair trade


All month - National Bed Month – a chance to promote restful sleep, a healthy bedtime routine and other things that happen in bed, as well and beds themselves

2nd - World Book Day – the theme for 2023 is ‘you are a reader’

4th Employee Appreciation Day – a good opportunity to showcase your company culture

7th National Feet Week – one for beauty therapists, shoe shops, spas and chiropodists

7th British Pie Week

7th National Butcher’s Week

8th International Women’s Day

17th St Patrick’s Day

18th World Sleep Day

18th Red Nose Day – another good opportunity to showcase your company culture

18th English Tourism Week

19th Mothers’ Day

20th International Day of Happiness

20th Spring Equinox – marking the return of spring to the Northern Hemisphere

21st World Poetry Day

25th National Skipping Day

25th Wear a Hat Day

27th World Theatre Day

Pillow Fight


All month National Pet Month

1st April Fools Day

2nd National Pillow Fight Day

7th Good Friday – marking the start of Easter weekend and all the events and treat eating that goes with it

23rd St George’s Day


All month Local History Month

2nd National Gardening Week

4th Star Wars Day – May the fourth be with you

7th National Donut Week

13th World Cocktail Day

16th National Stationary Week

18th International Museums Day

27th National Fish and Chip Day

29th National Biscuit Day – developing content for this day could be as simple as asking your customers if they ‘dunk’ or not and sparking a community debate

May 31st Web Designer Day



All month Pride Month

5th World Environment Day – social responsibility is becoming increasingly important amongst consumers. This is a great opportunity to show them how you’re doing your bit as a company

6th Bike Week

8th Best Friends Day

18th International Picnic Day

19th Fathers’ Day


All month Plastic Free July

3rd International Plastic Bag Free Day

4th Independence Day in the USA

4th National Barbecue Week

6th International Kissing Day

7th World Chocolate Day

12th National Simplicity Day – this could be a good day to post about hacks and how tos that simplify people’s lives

30th Cheesecake Day


1st Yorkshire Day

4th Cycle to Work Day

7th Afternoon Tea Week

8th International Cat Day

19th World Photo Day



All month – Second Hand September

2nd National Doodle Day

19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

19th Genes for Jeans Day – a day on which people wear jeans at work or school to raise money for children and families affected by a genetic disorders

24th Wool Week

28th Ask a Stupid Question Day – an opportunity to get some engagement going on social media

30th World’s Biggest Coffee Morning


All month – Black History Month

All month – Cyber Security Awareness Month

All month – Go Sober for October

1st International Coffee Day

2nd National Brunch Weekend

3rd National Curry Week

6th National Poetry Day

7th World Smile Day

Sandwich G40554A817 1920


All month – Movember – Raising awareness of men’s mental health

1st – Purple Tuesday – a day devoted to improving the customer experience for disabled people

3rd National Sandwich Day

4th National Spa Week

5th Bonfire Night

9th Social Media Kindness Day

11th Veterans Day

13th World Kindness Day

24th Thanksgiving in the USA

25th Black Friday – combined with Cyber Monday this is a great opportunity to run a sale

28th Cyber Monday


8th Christmas Jumper Day – another opportunity to showcase company culture and offer a glimpse behind the scenes at your business

Christmas Day falls on a Monday in 2023

Boxing Day falls on a Tuesday in 2023

New Years Eve Falls on a Sunday in 2023

New Years Day falls on a Monday

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