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Fix and Protect Your Hacked WordPress Site

Every day we see hacked WordPress sites, all with different symptoms. Some redirect to a unmentionable website, while others attempt to play cupid and redirect readers to dating sites. Whatever the symptoms, we suggest you follow a series of simple s…

Posted Wednesday 05th August, 2015 by Aliysa

Magento Security Patch Released - Install Now

Magento has released a security patch that addresses 4 security issues that have been brought to light through their comprehensive security program. We highly recommended that you install the necessary security patch as soon as possible in order to p…

Posted Wednesday 05th August, 2015 by Aliysa

The Dangers of Pirate Plugins and Themes

The internet is crammed full of high quality plugins and themes for CMSs. The problem is that they're often pretty expensive, so many users opt for cheaper or free, 'too good to be true' alternatives, which claim to offer the same functionality. M…

Posted Thursday 27th November, 2014 by Aliysa

8 Ways To Secure WordPress With .htaccess

The world’s largest CMS is renowned for it’s susceptibility to hacking, however there are a number of precautions that can be taken to harden security and keep WordPress protected, that are often either overlooked or few have heard of.

Posted Wednesday 17th September, 2014 by Aliysa

Rank Higher in Google with HTTPS

Google have recently announced that HTTPS is now being used as a ranking signal, meaning secure websites displaying a valid SSL Certificates will be prioritised in search engine results, and are likely to rank higher than those website without the…

Posted Wednesday 27th August, 2014 by Aliysa

Our Actions Against The Heartbleed Vulnerability

We have taken immediate action to patch all vulnerable servers on our network against the Heartbleed bug. Tsohost servers are no longer vulnerable and no further action is required.

Posted Thursday 10th April, 2014 by Aliysa

Mobile Phone Malware - Should You Be Worried?

We all know how important it is to be secure on our desktop and laptop computers. But what about mobile phone security? We’re all (well, almost all) using Internet-enabled phones nowadays, and the uptake of this technology is certainly not slowing. S…

Posted Sunday 30th March, 2014 by Aliysa

Dells Connected Security Think Tank

We're honoured to have been given the opportunity to contribute our thoughts on IT security, attitudes and challenges facing organisations at Dell's latest Security Think Tank in Paris. The event allowed for an open, honest and collaborative discu…

Posted Wednesday 23rd October, 2013 by Aliysa

Internet Warfare: The DDos Arms Race

DDos attacks are becoming more sophisticated and larger in size. But what are they? And what do we do here at Tsohost to defend our customers against them?

Posted Tuesday 22nd October, 2013 by Aliysa