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From £2.92/mo + 20% VAT

cPanel Hosting

Manage your shared hosting through the familiar cPanel dashboard

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Introducing cPanel

First launched in the 1990s, cPanel is one of the veterans of the control panel world.

Some people choose cPanel because it has a reputation for making managing hosting accounts simple, fast and easy. Others simply use it because it’s a familiar face and name.

It’s because of this that tsoHost has created a collection of affordable shared hosting packages that allow you to manage your account using the cPanel you’ve come to know.

Have a little look at what we offer below and choose the plan that best suits you, or if you feel like a break from your norm, take a look at the clutter-free, feature-packed control panels we offer with our cloud hosting packages.


From as little as


+20% VAT

3Hosted websites

Free domain name



25 x 200MBMailboxes

Let’s Encrypt SSL support

1Basic migration



From as little as


+20% VAT

20Hosted websites

Free domain name



Unlimited x 10GBMailboxes

Let’s Encrypt SSL support

3Basic migrations

2eCommerce migrations

All prices exclude VAT at 20%

What’s included?

Customer service with calibredone

You can reach out to our expert support team around the clock and contact them via live chat and phone from the early hours to close to bedtime.

One-click app installsdone

You could blink and you’ll miss the installation process for more than 25 different apps. It takes just one click to get them up and running.

Free website migrationdone

We’ll swiftly switch your website to your new hosting plan without any downtime and no increase in price.

Free backupsdone

We protect your precious data through free daily site backs ups and we keep that data for 30 days. Just in case.

cPanel control paneldone

Manage your account using the simple, icon-clad cPanel.

Other freebiesdone

All cPanel hosting plans come with perks like a free domain name and uncapped bandwidth.

Frequently asked questions

What is cPanel?

Imagine you’re the pilot of your website. Well, cPanel is your cockpit. It’s where you can manage all aspects of your account, from adding domains to setting up email forwarding.

Why should I choose tsoHost for my cPanel hosting?

In addition to the perks and freebies we mention above, all tsoHost’s cPanel hosting servers are located in a private and superiorly secure data centre, on UK soil.

Tell me more about what I can do through cPanel?

All the tasks you can carry out on cPanel are illustrated by helpful icons. You’ll find icons for everything from watching video tutorials to tasks related to database and email management and jobs like backups and spam management.

What’s the difference between cPanel hosting and cloud web hosting?

While cPanel hosting is familiar, cloud web hosting goes a little further in a few areas. For starters, cloud web hosting offers a higher level of reliability. You see, sites hosted on cPanel are tied to a single …read onphysical server. On the other hand, websites hosted on the cloud are clustered over multiple servers. Running from multiple locations means the cloud has no single point of failure and your site will be online no matter what. Secondly the cloud provides more flexibility in terms of the operating system (OS) you run. On cloud web hosting plans you can run both Linux and Windows websites on the single plan – this isn’t possible on cPanel shared hosting.

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