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6 signs you’re a self-starter

6 signs you’re a self-starter

Posted 19th August, 2022 by Sarah

This is the age of the solopreneur and the entrepreneur.

Statistics suggest that the number of new businesses being set up jumped by 18% in the first half of 2022.

That equates to 90 new businesses being launched every hour.

If you’re thinking about embarking on your own entrepreneurial journey, one of the things you’ll need to be is a self-starter.

Wondering if you fall into that category?

The six signs below are sure-fire self-starter signs.

1. You set up your first micro business as a kid

Researchers from Kings College London recently suggested that 37 to 48% of the tendency to be an entrepreneur is genetic, which in turn intimates that self-starter traits can express themselves from an early age.

Think back to your childhood. Were you always coming up with schemes to make a little more pocket money?

Did you walk your neighbour’s dogs, portion bulk-bought sweets into little pick-and-mix bags and sell them in the playground, or make bead bracelets and sell them on to your friends?

If so, there’s a good chance you’re a self-starter today.

2. You’d class yourself as a positive person

Self-starters tend to be glass-half-full kinds of people. They are excited about the future. They bounce back from setbacks fast. They tend to worry less and get stressed less easily.

Some scientific studies suggest that positivity is 25% inherited. However, there are ways you can train yourself to be more optimistic.

One technique is to create a ‘positivity circuit’. This involves taking five minutes every day to focus on the positives of that day. Psychologists from the Inner Mammal Institute suggest that if you do this for 45 consecutive days you can rewire your brain to be more positive in general.

3. You believe the early bird catches the worm

Self-starters famously like to get up early. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook reportedly starts his day at 3.45am and Richard Branson allegedly wakes at 5am, for example.

Amazon is filled with books like The Morning Miracle and The 5am Club that suggest that getting up early can ‘change your life’.

One report even indicates that getting out of bed just an hour earlier can make you 100 times more productive over time.

Research also suggests that you don’t even need to use the extra hour you’re awake for work. Branson, for example, claims that he uses the first hour of the morning to exercise or meditate, setting his focus for the day.

4. You rarely skip an exercise class or book club

Discipline is a fundamental part of the life of a self-starter. Being disciplined means you’re less likely to give up when the going gets tough.

This is a quality that infiltrates into other areas of life, too. Such as exercise routines, dedication to monthly clubs, and team sports, for example.

So, if you’re the sort of person who heads to HITT even when you’ve had a tiring day, you’re likely to be a self-starter.

5. You set yourself daily goals

There are a number of reasons self-starters set themselves daily goals.

The first reason is to break down tasks. Chunking a big project into micro goals can make it seem less intimidating.

Secondly, tick tick-ticking your way through a list of goals comes with a sense of achievement, which can motivate people to move on to tick off the next task and the next – bulleting forward through the day.

6. You know how to fail forward

While many people strive to be perfect in everything they do and are fearful of failing, self-starters know that failure can be a vital part of success.

This doesn’t mean that self-starters take mindless risks. They’re just more open to trying new things and experimenting with the way they do their work.

Then if they fail, they analyse why and implement the learnings in the next stage of a project or the next iteration of a task.

tsoHost’s tools for self-starters

At tsoHost we champion self-starters. So many of our customers are fearless entrepreneurs and small business owners.

You can read more about these amazing people in our case study blogs like ‘How Theo Tzia from virtual tour company Biztour is shooting for the moon with tsoHost’s help’, ‘How one tsoHost client turned her passion for food into a tasty little business’ and ‘Robots, wormholes and monsters: how artist and tsoHost customer Robert John reimagined London’.

Of course, behind every good self-starting entrepreneur, there’s a website.

A website with the perfect domain name. A website with fast, efficient, secure web hosting. A website with an easy-to-populate content management system.

To find out more about our range of domains and web hosting options for self-starters, visit our website.

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