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8 of the most googled questions about WordPress

8 of the most googled questions about WordPress

Posted 07th November, 2019 by Sarah

5 minute read

With tsoHost's huge WordPress hosting sale in full swing, we’ve composed a list of the most common questions that people ask search engines when it comes to WordPress.

We’ve taken our insight from resources like Answer the Public and our collection features questions asked by all levels of WordPress users, from rookies to more experienced users.

So, if you’re new to the CMS and are looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place for some quick-fire answers.

If you’re a WordPress professional, here’s an idea of the questions your potential clients might have on their minds when it comes to what you do.

How popular is WordPress?

According to a recent poll by tech survey firm W3Techs, WordPress now powers close to 35 per cent of websites worldwide.

WordPress wrote a blog in response to this news in March 2019, saying: “The path here has been very exciting. In 2005, we were celebrating 50,000 downloads. Six years later, in January 2011, WordPress was powering 13.1 per cent of websites. And now, early in 2019, we are powering 33.4 per cent of sites.”

Why is WordPress popular?

Real WordPress fans – the ones who buy the keyrings, coffee coasters, and baseball caps from the official WordPress Swag store, for example – could write an A to Z of reasons why WordPress is popular.

Close to the top of their list would be the word ‘easy’. Once users get used to a few key terms like themes and plug-ins, it doesn’t usually take them long to set up a basic website using WordPress.

Hot on ‘easy’’s heels would be the word ‘evolving’. Updates and upgrades are constantly being carried out on the CMS to either give it new features or fix niggles.

Closer to the Z end of the list of reasons, there would be versatility. The variety of themes and cache of plug ins now available for WordPress means it can be used for everything from portfolios to eCommerce sites.

How does WordPress hosting work?

tsoHost offers hosting packages that are specifically designed to support WordPress websites. They’re optimised to make WordPress websites and blogs as fast, secure and reliable as they can possibly be. Plus, once customers have bought a package, they can install WordPress in a single click.

All plans come with nice-to-haves, like free domain names and daily site backups included in the price.

What’s more, because tsoHost specialises in selling WordPress hosting, the support team are experts on it, and customers can contact them 24 hours a day should they need any help.

Which WordPress theme is best?

It’s thought that there are around 31,000 WordPress themes on the market. So, it comes as no surprise that the question ‘Which WordPress theme is best’ is one of the most frequently asked WordPress related questions posed to the search engines.

In April 2019, we posted a blog to help people work out which theme would work best for their purposes.

We suggested there were five steps to narrowing down the options. These were:

  • Looking at what is already popular

  • Looking at what is highly rated

  • Considering your end purpose

  • Considering your own personality

  • Looking at what’s new

To read the full article, visit our blog page.

Where is WordPress used?

In April 2019, we wrote a blog post that shone a light on some websites that were reaping the benefits of using WordPress to run their websites.

The names on the list included business titans like Network Rail and The Walt Disney Company, leading publications like New Scientists, major charities like Unicef UK, and even celebrities like Katy Perry.

Wondering if the websites you visit most frequently use WordPress? Just hit the control button on your keyboard and the U key when you’re on the homepage of a website and a new window will pop up that reveals its source code.

If you see word strings such as ‘wp-content’ inside the source code then the website uses WordPress.

When should you use WordPress custom post types?

This was one of the more technical questions in the list of popular WordPress queries. Custom post types are a powerful feature of the WordPress CMS that give users additional freedom to customise their websites.

For more information about how custom post types work and how to create them, head to our blog ‘How to create custom post types in WordPress the right way’.

Where are my nearest WordPress events?

Today, WordPress is more than a CMS. It’s a community. Almost every weekend of the year, somewhere in the world, a WordCamp takes place. WordCamps are essentially informal conferences or fair type events where WordPress users get together to network, learn, share ideas and socialise.

The first WordCamp was held in San Francisco in 2006. Today, there are events on all continents, except Antarctica. On one example week in November, parallel WordCamps were held in Mumbai, Stuttgart, California, Sofia, Nepal and Seattle.

To find about the next scheduled WordCamps you can follow the calendar on WordCamp Central.

Which WordPress plan should I choose?

Today, this is the easiest question to answer on this list. tsoHost is currently running one of the biggest WordPress hosting sales in the company’s history.

We’re offering customers up to 81 per cent off the price of annual packages. The starter package is now available for just £12 for the whole year, the business option is available for £35 for the year, and the eCommerce plan is only £60 for the first 12 months.

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