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Just launched: WordPress Ecommerce hosting 

Just launched: WordPress Ecommerce hosting 

Posted 23rd March, 2021 by Sarah

We’ve been hearing drum rolls at the tsoHost head office again this week – we’ve just launched a brand-new WordPress Ecommerce hosting package.

In this blog, we’ll showcase the main benefits of the plan and delve into why it was developed in the first place.

Spoiler: one of the major highlights of this package is that it gives you the power to build the best online stores you can, but without breaking the budget.

The top highlights of WordPress Ecommerce hosting at tsoHost

Get started immediately: When time is money, we know you don’t want to waste it setting up the software to build you clients’ sites.

So, our WordPress Ecommerce plans come with WordPress preinstalled and WooCommerce ready to go.

In fact, we’ve reduced the number of steps it takes to set up a store by a huge 70 per cent.

£4,000 of free WooCommerce premium extensions included: These plans give you access to 75 premium WooCommerce solutions, worth a jaw-dropping £4,000, for free.

This gives you the flexibility to build a site that precisely delivers on even the most specific of client briefs.

For a fuller flavour of the extensions see the ‘An introduction to the 75 free premium WooCommerce extensions’ section below.

The customisability to breeze every client brief: The websites you build with WordPress and WooCommerce can be like the proverbial river – they never have to be the same twice.

Choose from more than 50,000 WordPress plug-ins and 10,000 themes to start your sites off, then customise further using the WooCommerce extensions mentioned above.

Flexibility to develop your own features and applications: If you need to customise your client sites beyond themes, plugins and premium extensions, WooCommerce is an open-source platform, built with a REST API, that makes it possible to scale and integrate it into almost every virtual service.

More freebies and inclusions

The freebies don’t stop with the WooCommerce extensions. A free SSL certificate is also included in these plans.

Plus, the Yoast SEO plugin is preinstalled, so you can offer clients an SEO boost when you build their sites, too.

What's more, these plans are fully managed, which means we take the chore of carrying out updates and backups off your hands. All you have to worry about is meeting your creative briefs while we take care of the hosting admin.

An introduction to the 75 free premium WooCommerce extensions

The free premium WooCommerce extensions included in the ecommerce plan fall into the following categories...

Cart and checkout: These extensions let you tailor the in-cart and checkout process for visitors, offering the option to do everything from suggesting upsells to stipulating minimum order quantities.

Marketing: These extensions let you elevate the customer experience on the site by delivering options such as gift wrapping and gift cards.

Merchandising: You can enhance the way you display products and services on a website with these plug ins.

Payments: Enable everything from Authorize.Net to Global Payments on the websites you build with this handy collection of extensions.

Products: These extensions allow you to display a wider range of products on a website – think photography and licence keys for software.

Services: Build better websites for people in the service sector with these extensions that allow customers to buy everything from tickets to subscriptions.

Shipping: Build more shipping options into your websites with these convenient plugins.

Store management: Make managing a store easier for your clients by adding in extensions that let them keep tabs on profit and loss from within WooCommerce and offer pre-order options to their customers.

For a full list of extensions, visit our product pages.

Why we’ve launched WordPress Ecommerce hosting at tsoHost

Over the past year shopping habits have changed rapidly across the UK.

Research suggests that since the Covid-19 pandemic began, 46 per cent of UK consumers have purchased a product online that they had previously only ever purchased in a physical shop.

Other stats suggest that online sales rose 36.6 per cent in 2020 – that’s the biggest growth in 13 years.

So, it was high time to launch a dedicated WordPress Ecommerce hosting solution at tsoHost.

We also understand that, as more businesses build their online presences, competition in the online space is on the up.

So, we created these packages with one main founding principle in mind – to help you build bumper, competition-beating stores for your clients, on a budget.

Want to dig a bit deeper?

More About Word Press Ecommerce Hosting Specially Designed For Woo Commerce Sites Cta

For the full package specs and details, visit our WordPress Ecommerce hosting pages

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