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Stray dogs and Sri Lanka: the story of how web design and SEO company Vibrant Imagination built a business with tsoHost

Stray dogs and Sri Lanka: the story of how web design and SEO company Vibrant Imagination built a business with tsoHost

Posted 02nd December, 2021 by Sarah

Everyone loves a good start-up story. Like the tale of Apple setting up in a Californian garage. Tesco beginning as a market stall. Harley Davidson starting out in a shed.

As fascinating as these tales are, though, they don’t quite match up to the backstory of SEO, web design and outsourcing company Vibrant Imagination.

That story starts with a shabby stray dog or two.

Vibrant Imagination founder Andy Baker (pictured below) was living in Spain, working in branding and social media, when he began to notice the number of stray dogs around.

Vibrant Image Headshot

He started volunteering for an organization called Spanish Stray Dogs in his spare time. Shortly after, the opportunity came up to travel to Sri Lanka with another charity called Dogstar, to learn how to look after street dogs using a mobile clinic.

“Instead of taking the knowledge I had learnt and implementing it back in Spain, I fell in love with Sri Lanka,” Andy told tsoHost.

In June 2019, after relocating to Sri Lanka – along with his own two Labradors – and settling down, Andy established Vibrant Imagination.

“I called the company Vibrant Imagination because I wanted to start a vibrant young company and I wanted the name to suggest that if someone has the imagination to start a business, we can help them turn that imagination into success,” Andy explained.

Almost two years later, his business has gone from strength to strength.

Vibrant Imagination Homepage

Today, his portfolio of clients encompasses an impressive array of industries, from healthcare and hospitality to online casinos.

In the past few months alone, he has built websites for SL TRIMS – the Sri Lankan Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis – a local vegan coffee shop, and a company called Solo Tour Guides, which pairs solo travelers with in-the-know local guides around the world.

“I did the web design from start to finish for Solo Tour Guides,” Andy explained. “When I first got involved with the company, they had guides in 20 to 30 countries. Now they are up to 120.”

In addition to having clients in multiple industries and sectors, Vibrant Imagination also has clients around the globe – from LA to Malta.

“It’s easy to deal with clients all over the world,” Andy says. “That’s the beauty of the internet.”

While Andy’s client’s industries and physical locations are all different, they all have one thing in common – their sites are all powered by tsoHost’s hosting.

“All my websites are hosted with tsoHost,” Andy told us. “I have been with the company for the past six or seven years. If I get new clients onboard, tsoHost’s is the only hosting I offer them.

“I highly recommend tsoHost. I could not run my business without their hosting. To this day I have never witnessed any downtime. Not even for one second.

Vibrant Imagination Pull Quote Text Only

“I also like the fact that it’s a British company and the live chat is excellent. If there are ever any problems, it’s always dealt with on live chat.”

Andy’s plans for the future are to continue growing the Vibrant Imagination portfolio and to expand the company’s website management services, which see Andy and his team nurturing websites for companies after they have been built.

So, what advice would Andy offer to entrepreneurs considering writing their own start-up story?

“I always say, you need to know your target audience, know what makes you different, know your USP. From there, I can build a site for them.”

You can find out more about Andy and Vibrant Imagination on his website

To discover more about the tsoHost hosting plans that Andy relies on, head to our own website.

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