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The one thing all WordPress pros should have on their to-do list

The one thing all WordPress pros should have on their to-do list

Posted 18th July, 2019 by Sarah

What’s on your to-do list today? Responding to emails, preparing quotes, dealing with change requests, carrying out performance scans, working on code, vetting prospects?

All of the above?

With the average 20 and 60 hours developing a single website for their clients, there’s no end of jobs that need doing on a daily basis.

And this is where wellbeing can take a back seat.

At the 2019 WordCamp Europe, the concept of wellness within the WordPress community was put on a pedestal.

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga sessions were added to the WordCamp Europe 2019 schedule and time in the WP Café was dedicated to talking about topics like silent retreats.

In this article, we’ll build on the momentum of WordCamp Europe and look at a few simple ways WordPress pros can weave metal and physical health practices into their day to day schedule.

Simple practices for mental health

Isolation, anxiety, fear and loneliness can all be part of the reality for WordPress professionals. If not constantly, then at some stages. Here are a few tips that should help you nip all of the above in the bud.

Reach out

If you work at home by yourself, there are lots of ways you can reach out to others during the day. Options include working in a coworking space once a week. If you’re worried about the potential cost of this then look at Uk Jelly venues, where the location, wifi and even parking are provided for free.

Another option is to create a Slack chat with WordPress professionals you have met along the way. This sort of communication channel can also be good for bouncing ideas around.

Get out there

Of course, you can’t set up a Slack chat if you don’t have any other contacts. One way to connect with WordPress professionals in the same boat as you is to make a concerted effort to visit WordCamp events or a WordPress user meetup – there are more than 1,500 of these social groups across the world.

Make your computer mimic the sun

No, we don’t mean set your laptop on fire on those days when you feel you’ve had enough.

What we mean is use a product like f.lux. This little bit of free software adjusts the brightness of your computer screen so it’s in line with the natural light in your location. The reason? It’s to ensure the blue light from your computer doesn’t disturb your circadian rhythms and your sleep as a result – a good night’s sleep plays a major role in wellbeing.

Have a mindful lunch

Studies suggest that more than a third of UK workers eat their lunch at their desks. When you work from home, it can be even easier to stay desk bound at midday, because there are no other workers around you reminding you that it’s all right to step away from your computer for a break.

This is where a mindful lunch comes in. It means eating your lunch in a place where there are no technological distractions and paying attention to what you’re eating – savouring the flavours and textures.

Try this once, and you should find you return to your desk refreshed and with the sense that you’ve treated yourself to a bit of you-time.

Personalise your home office

Countless studies show that the environment in which you work can affect your mood and stress levels. Simply adding a plant into your workplace has been shown to have positive effects on wellbeing.

WordPress developers can take things one step further. You can buy all sorts of merchandise online that showcase the role you play in the WordPress community. Think mugs, water bottles, pennants and notebooks. You could even buy a WordPress beach towel if you wanted.

Simple practices for physical health

When you’re a WordPress professional it’s easy to spend the entire day sat down. If you work from home, the walk down the stairs to your home office can sometimes be the only exercise you get during the busiest of days.

Getting active during the day is not just beneficial for your body, it’s good for your mind, too. Studies suggest exercise can reduce anxiety and depression, improve mood, boost self-esteem, minimize stress, and enhance cognitive functioning.

Here are a few ways to get a little extra movement into your life – even when you’re busy.

Invest in a standing desk

Standing desks aren’t exactly cheap, but they come with a long list of benefits. They’ve been linked to lower blood sugar levels, the reduction of back pain and improved productivity.

Freelance WordPress developer and blogger Bill Erickson uses a standing desk. In an interview with WP Explorer, Erickson explained how he uses the desk from 10:00 to noon and 12:30 to 15:30, working at a sitting desk in the hours that surround this time.

Do desk yoga for 15 minutes

At tsoHost, we have regular desk yoga sessions at our main offices. While we have an instructor that comes into our sites to work through the postures with us, desk yoga is easy to do at home.

There are multiple desk yoga YouTube videos online. A 15-minute session can open out your shoulders, stretch out your back, and balance out your hips and spine.

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