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A Q&A with Anton T from the customer support team

A Q&A with Anton T from the customer support team

Posted 05th October, 2021 by Sarah

In blog three of National Customer Service Week, we talk to Anton T about both his role and his life away from work.

He describes his role on the Customer Support team by saying:

‘My responsibility is to provide the most unique and efficient experience for our clients by providing them with everything they could ask in a timely manner.

‘With each presented case, our role is to explore every available troubleshooting scenario firstly within our minds, then apply them throughout our systems and tools, and finally provide the desired solution that our clients yearn for’.

He also explains: ‘This line of work truly contributes to my growth both professionally and as an individual who is improving along the way of his journey.’

Read on to discover a little more about what makes Anton tick.

Anton at work
What do you enjoy most about working in customer support at tsoHost?

Working in customer care has allowed me to embrace and understand many perspectives in comparison to my own.

There is also often the sensation of feeling proud when you have done your absolute best to assist the client with their needs and ended up doing such an excellent job that they congratulate you and state how grateful they are to you, which in the end contributes to feeling useful and satisfied with your day and achievements.

What is the most helpful thing you have ever done for a customer?

In all honestly the answer to this depends on the perspective. For example, something trivial for a care agent such as changing a password can mean the world to an elderly client who has had a rough time getting that task done on their own for a long time.

What is the best bit of feedback you have had from a customer?

In most cases, customers provide positive feedback by either complementing my sense of duty, level of patience, style, or unique way of communicating through a professional client-friendly tone.

I am often called a “star” for doing my best to help clients move forward with the task at hand and they often commend me for being extremely helpful and resourceful as well.

When have you felt proudest in your role?

The special moments when I realise my worth and truly feel proud as a care support agent is when I have the pleasure to take a moment and go through (reading aloud) some of the detailed reviews which clients occasionally write as feedback after their experience with me as their guide for the day. A bit of appreciation can truly motivate one to do their absolute best and can go a long way on both sides.

Anton outside of work
How do you relax when you are not at work?

I enjoy doing all sorts of different social activities with either friends or even complete strangers around my country and sometimes outside of it. I like to work up a nice sweat doing sports, hiking barefoot in the mountains, bathing in hot mineral pools or doing any sort of physical work all for the sake of my mind to have a proper rest.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I do like to sing a nice tune from time to time and help others loosen up and explore their inner singer, and eventually help them to bring it out in the open.

What’s a fun fact about you?

Facts that I have always found fascinating are my grandmothers’ names. My late grandmother’s name is Boginya which translates to goddess. And the other grandmother’s name is Sultana which is a mutation of the Arabic word Sultan that means ruler and emperor.

What achievement are you most proud of?

I am mostly proud of choosing to return to my homeland after spending time abroad and actively doing what I can to be of help to people and animals in need. I like to spend some of my time volunteering for many different projects and causes.

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