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Data Centre Build: Phase Two

Posted Friday 07th Aug, 2015 by


2015 has been a great year so far, and over the last month our Cloud platform has expanded at record speed. The expansion has edged us closer to full capacity in the initial 40 rack pod we fitted this time last year in our first privately owned data centre. To facilitate the Cloud’s expansion we’ve moved into phase two of the data centre build out.

Last week saw the arrival of a brand new pod with space for a staggering 1,292 servers. Following form, the rack consists of 34 server racks, 2 switching racks and 4 patching racks, all of which are housed within the latest cold aisle containment system.

There’s not much to see just yet, but sitting only 10m away and armed with a DSLR we couldn't resist capturing the progress so far. We’ll be racking and cabling the first server any day, until then check out where we’re at with phase two:

Tsohost's data centre

Air handlers being installed



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@Matt - Sure! Those cabinets are Changeover Controller / Breakers and are housed in our LV room. This video explains there role within the DC: https://www.tsohost.com/blog/data-centre-mains-failover-demo

Great to see Tsohost expanding it’s cloud host offering! I’ve been using the cloud hosting for 8 of my websites and touch wood i’ve had no problems in the last year.

Keep up the good work and great cable management, if only the back of my TV cabinet was that neat : )

Looks great, especially impressed with the neat underground cabling - smart setup!

Looks great! Can I ask what the yellow cabinet in the third picture is all about please? :)

Superb structured cabling. Oh dear, I’m such a nerd.

Very neat and tidy wiring.
Wish you guys could tidy up the cables at my home! :-)