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Data Centre Mains Failover Demo - Captured On Film

Posted Tuesday 18th Mar, 2014 by


Regular power failure tests are an integral part of our data centre management and we've been carrying them out every month since launch. With the push of a big red button, the main power supply serving our data centre is disconnected and within 30 seconds our generators power up and continue to run the servers without disruption to service.

In the early hours of this morning, we carried out a mains failover test and left the UPS supporting the whole data centre for half an hour, before switching the main power supply back on. This time we decided to capture how our power distribution and backup system functions on film:

You can learn more about our how our UPS by visiting our Power Distribution blog post

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That’s great, I’m even happier I switched from my previous host. Showing the workings of your data centre power set up like shows how you feel about customer service. I have even more confidence in the company I have chosen to host several web-sites for me.

Very interesting video, thank you.

That’s impressive! A lot of expensive kit we’d never be aware of otherwise, in the best possible way. Thanks for the demo.