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Behind The Scenes: Cabling Our Data Centre

Posted Tuesday 25th Feb, 2014 by


At the moment our data centre has over 3264 cables that physically connect our servers to each other and the Internet. With more than 26,000 wires punched so far, maintaining and managing the DC really is a full time job! Cabling is planned with precision as it’s important to keep our racks tidy and organised, (as well as beautiful looking!) just in case we need to perform emergency maintenance.

With the latest delivery of servers, it provided us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our cabling!

cables data centre

The cables in our data hall are colour coordinated according to function.

  • Pink cables connect servers to patch panels. These cables are patched in last, so are easily accessible in the unlikely instance where emergency maintenance is required.

  • cables data centre

  • Purple cables run along the top of the racks, connecting the server-side patch panels to the switch-side patch panels.

  • cables data centre

  • White cables connect the server-side patch panels to the switches. The switches are the hub of the data centre - the point at which all servers are connected and can communicate with each other, as well as the global Internet network.

  • cables data centre

  • Yellow cables running from the switches are our data centres fibre connection which connects our existing network points in Equinix LD5 and Telehouse East Docklands where we connect to the wider Internet.

  • Blue cables connect to servers and provide our DRAC or Dell Remote Access Controller connection. This allows our Sysops team to control servers from a remote location. It means that we do not rely on the Internet to control our servers, rather our own private network, which can not be interrupted by external forces, such as a DDOS attack.

  • cables data centre

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Hi Robin - Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. In our experience, we’ve found that adding dual network adds complexity which is more likely to cause outages than physical failure. Also having the DC on site means we can respond immediately should something fail.

Would have thought your servers would have been dual network connected to redundant switches to further the resiliency caused by any hardware issues. In addition they could be bonded/teamed nic interfaces to provide better throughput/connectivity.
But hey, i’m a networking guy :)

Doing some LAN wiring right now. Your images are inspiration -  a lesson in neatness!

You could have added “NSFW” on your post - this is practically pornography.

Nice one guys, even colour coded like your branding(!)

With a Data Center so well kept and organised, it really makes me wish TSOHost provided Game Servers and Voice Comms, as I’ve had no problems with my TSOHosting for years but my Voice Comms hosting seems to fail almost once a week… x_____x