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Introducing our new range of dedicated servers

Introducing our new range of dedicated servers

Posted 27th October, 2020 by Sarah

This week, we cut the red ribbon on a new range of unmanaged dedicated servers at tsoHost – the DS 32, DS 64, DS 128 and DS 256.

In this blog post, we’ll look more closely at the sort of jobs these servers were designed for and take a look under the hood, so to speak, to consider what benefits they can bring to you.

A server is born

Our new range of unmanaged dedicated servers were created with web professionals in mind.

They were crafted for those who require deep root access to their severs as well as 100 per cent control over their server resources.

They were also designed to be highly customisable – right down to the kernel level. You can find out more about customisation below.

What sort of websites/applications were these servers made for?

These servers are especially suitable for…

*Running high traffic websites

*Online gaming

*Running multiple applications – in fact, our research suggests that the average unmanaged dedicated server customer runs between seven and eight applications on a server.

*Live media streaming

*Machine learning

*Custom applications

*Custom PHP/HTML/Javascript websites

*Big data manipulation

What are the tech specs of these new severs?

Highlights of this new range of unmanaged servers include…

*Bare metal access

*Up to 256GB of RAM – that’s twice as much as we’ve ever offered before

*Up to 16 CPUs – 32 threads - for scalable performance

*Unlimited traffic with 1GBit bandwidth

*Performance monitoring - set email alerts to get notifications about high resource usage or any outages. Plus monitor trends in elements like CPU and RAM by day, week, month and year.

How customisable as these servers?

Choose between NVMe SSDs or HDDS

The former can perform at speeds of up to four times faster than SATA SSD drives. The later are designed to store huge data volumes.

Choose between Linux or Windows

Opt for Linux and you can pick between Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 7 operating systems. Plump for Windows and you can go for either Windows 2016 or 2019.

Control panel

We know that many dedicated server customers choose not to use a control panel because they believe they take up valuable storage space.

However, if you decide to forgo the command line through SSH access and use a control panel, you can pay for cPanel or use Plesk on CentOS 7.

6 of the most frequently asked questions about our new servers

How would you sum up these servers in a sentence?

Powerful, high-performing, acutely customisable, completely controllable.

How will this new product range impact existing customers?

Don’t worry, if you’re an existing dedicated server customer you won’t have to migrate to these new servers. You’ll keep the specs you originally signed up for.

How do I know it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have an idea that you need to upgrade already. Compared to a VPS these servers offer more control, more power and superior performance. If you feel like any of these things are missing from your existing hosting offering, it’s probably time to make the switch.

Where can I find out more about these servers?

You can find all the details on our unmanaged dedicated server product pages.

Why should I choose an unmanaged dedicated server over a managed one?

Again, if you’re reading this blog, you’ll probably know the difference between a general unmanaged dedicated server and a managed one.

With tsoHost’s unmanaged servers, specifically, we’re responsible for server hardware, power and network availability, manual reboot availability and control panel license availability.

You’re responsible for server software and performance, configuring hosting and email settings, securing your server, network configuration and the installation of third-party modules and plug-ins.

One of the big considerations you’ll need to make when picking between an unmanaged and managed product is price. Our unmanaged servers are a little more affordable as far as the off the shelf price tag is concerned.

What sort of technical knowledge do I need to run an unmanaged dedicated server?

These servers have been designed for the likes of sys admins and those who know their way around a server.

If you’re not experienced in this area, but need more power than shard hosting offers, you might want to consider a product such as Business Hosting, which pairs the dedicated resources of a VPS with the simplified server admin that comes with cPanel control panel.

What sort of uptime can I expect with these new servers?

We commit to provide 99.9 per cent service uptime through our Service Level Agreement. The exception to the rule is in the case of planned or emergency server maintenance or conditions beyond our reasonable control.

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