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Our Fibre Connectivity

Posted 19th July, 2013 by Aliysa

After this week's site visit, we’re delighted to announce that we're on track for our planned launch date in October 2013. We've also achieved another milestone in the build out of our fully owned data centre. We’re happy to update you on our partnership with Geo Networks Ltd. (Geo), a leading provider of dedicated fibre networks.

The team at Geo have configured a bespoke 150km dark fibre network ring to interconnect our new data centre with our existing network points in Equinix LD5 and Telehouse East Docklands where we connect to the wider internet. This dedicated fibre ring connection allows us to share almost unlimited data with low latency and 100% reliability.

To ensure we maintain full control over our fibre infrastructure we've opted for a dark ring topology. A dark fibre ring differs from a 'managed' fibre service in that our in house network team can add equipment and scale our connection on an ad hoc basis to meet our growing customer requirements and complex demands.

Our new network ring is designed for 100% reliability. Traditionally fibre networks are deployed just below ground level, along side roads or railway lines. One of the most common reasons for traditional fibre networks to break is that thieves mistakenly dig up fibre optic cable (which has little value) thinking its copper which they can sell on for scrap. The second most popular reasons for a fibre network to break is human error, civil works such as roadworks, electrical installations, etc often mistakenly cut through fibre optic cables.

However, our network is buried deep underground, in the sewer pipelines, where disturbance of any kind is highly unlikely. Tracking the London sewers also means we avoid disruption to other services, roads and pavements during our deployment. In the highly unlikely event of a fibre break/cut, our ring topology ensures that data will continue to flow seamlessly over the other leg.

Last week Adam and I delved deep into the London sewers to see just how secure our fibre is. Considering our surroundings we look surprisingly happy!

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