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The 20 most-read blogs of 2020 on tsoHost

The 20 most-read blogs of 2020 on tsoHost

Posted 30th December, 2020 by Sarah

We published almost 100 articles on the tsoHost blog in 2020. Just like last year, we’ve covered topics from WordPress tips to email marketing advice.

There’s one topic we hadn’t planned into our content calendars by this time last year, though, and that’s Covid 19. Yet, the pieces we penned on working from home, moving businesses online and running a business from home during the pandemic have proved some our most popular.

Take a look at our list of the 20 most-read blog articles on tsoHost to see for yourself, and to get an insight into the topics that have been at the top of the minds of fellow tsoHost customers throughout this challenging year.

We’ll work through the list from 20 – the least read – to one – the article that clocked up tens of thousands of views.

20. The 9 best things about working from home

In this article we reported on how people were using their working from home time to rediscover their love of fancy dress and make retro lunches like peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

19. 6 video conferencing fails to avoid during lockdown

When we published this blog in April 2020, the business world had begun to embrace Zoom – some more successfully than others, as we revealed in this article.

18. 7 questions to ask a web designer before you hire them

The questions in this list included ‘What’s your process’ and ‘How long will it take to design my website’.

17. How entrepreneurs can unplug at the end of the day

This article offered research-backed tips on how to create a barrier between work and home life, including advice like ‘eat you frogs in the morning’.

16. 6 reasons why your website needs a captcha form

Published in 2018, this article continues to be popular. It covers questions such as ‘what are the benefits of a captcha form?’ and ‘how do I add a captcha form to my website?’.

15. How to work more productively from home - new research

For this piece, we rounded up research from the likes of Stanford University and Harvard Business Review to offer tips on everything from how to silence the inner critic to adding a ‘third space’ to your day.

14. The business buzzwords update Part 2

Words like ‘figureoutable’ and ‘frustration’ featured in this round up of words that were driving the latest business thinking by figures like Richard Branson.

13. 5 of the best online platforms to set up an online shop to weather COVID-19

Published two days after the UK government announced there would be a nation-wide lockdown, this piece rounded up tools for moving businesses online.

12. 6 funny domain names and what they teach us

The domains and were just two of the howlers that we featured in this blog demonstrating the importance of picking a domain name carefully.

11. 5 Netflix documentaries every designer must watch

This article featured recommendations like The Toys That Made Us and Tales of Light.

10. 5 theory backed ways to improve time management during lockdown

In this article we looked at tried and tested ways of making 24 hours feel like 42, with techniques like Covey’s Time Management Theory and The Focus Funnell.

9. Digital marketing trends 2020 for start-ups and SMEs

Terms like ‘With me marketing’, ‘shoptertainment’ and the concept of building a brand using heroes featured in this blog.

8. Cloud update free lets encrypt SSL now supported

A techy one, from years gone by.

7. 8 of the best movie taglines and what they teach business

This article looked at famous slogans like ‘Houston, we have a problem’ and ‘In space no one can hear you scream’, to see how they translated to business branding.

6. 107 live stream webcams to take your mind off things

Posted in April, when fear and worry about the pandemic was rife, this article offered a little escapism and featured links to webcams everywhere from The Democratic Republic of Congo to The International Space Station.

5. How to combat Zoom fatigue during lockdown

At the end of April, psychologists started to notice a new phenomenon called Zoom Fatigue. This article looked into the guidance for beating it.

4. 5 VHS covers and what they teach us about social media marketing

The covers of Stephen King’s IT and Halloween were just two of the VHS covers that featured in this article.

3. 5 brands who nailed their lockdown ad campaigns

The marketing landscape changed during lockdown and tried and tested marketing methods started to ruffle feathers. This article looked at brands who adapted their voice and message to suit the new normal.

2. The domain name trivia quiz for your next lockdown coffee break

Almost 20,000 tsoHost blog readers took 10 minutes out of their day to see if they could answer the domain-related questions in this coffee break quiz.

1. Why you shouldn’t worry about your staff working from home during Covid-19

This blog addressed one of the biggest worries on tens of thousands of people’s minds by looking at research into the positive side of a working from home culture.

What's next?

In 2021, we will keep offering tips, advice and articles that address the pain points of our readers. Watch this space.

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